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Bitten Series

Have you heard of the Bitten Series by Kelley Armstrong?
I'm not much of a reader (I know weird eh?) but my neighbour's told me I must read this series, especially since they know I love the Twilight books.
I'm only on the second book out of what I believe is 11 soon to be 13 novels in total. (I know big time series right?) So far so good. The first book was well done. Kept me interested which can be hard for a book to do while I'm reading.
Without giving anything away all I will say that the first novel is about the only female werewolf in existance. Then some crazy stuff happens and presto 13 books are made.
If you want to read a few books this summer, and you love the paranormal then I recommend all of you read this series.
I apologize for putting up late posts lately. I've buried myself into these books. Thought I should share just in case I'm caught constantly talking about them on here.
Until next time... I must go back to reading... have to know what's going to happen next before I drive myself insane

American Idol vs. Writing

Right now I am sitting here watching American Idol and one of my favourite songs of all time is being sung by Lee DeWyze. I should be writing right now but holy brown cow! I always knew this song was amazing but geez louise he did that song justice!

I love seeing these young musical artists who were barely doing anything musically make it through each week and then perform something amazing like he did tonight. You can see the passion in their eyes and hear it through their voice. They definitely want the prize ahead of them, ever so badly.

I understand the feeling. Maybe not quite in the same way as the American Idol contestants but I understand it through writing. I have a prize that is just out of my reach. Each week I work as hard as I can to inch towards that prize I so desperately want. My judges are my editors. My voters are my potential readers. My prize is publication.

Watching American Idol gives me hope I guess in a strange way. I see all the time, people who become a Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood in this world. It gives me hope that someday, if I work my behind off, I will achieve my dreams. It makes me realize that every step is going to be a (excuse my language) bitch to take but it will all be worth it....right?

Reading Makes You a Better Writer?

I love opinions. I love hearing other people's opinions (good or bad) and I love giving my opinion. Really who doesn't?

In saying that, I want to know all of your opinions about reading in general.

I have been told, in order to be a better writer I should read. My answer to that is "Do I have to?" (I don't like to read novels much anymore though I am trying to read 50 books in a year)

Do you believe reading a lot makes a writer better? Why or why not?

I just recently finished a book by James Patterson called "I, Alex Cross" which I couldn't put down. The suspense and mystery of the book made me read it so fast and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Though I find there's very few books that are able to make me want to read it in one sitting.

So I must ask, what makes a book so great and not great to you?

Can't wait to hear your answers. Now I have to bury myself into a another book. I have a lot of catching up still to do.


So sorry about not posting last week. My computer power cord decided to kaput on me.
My battery for my laptop basically ran out too and right around the time Script Frenzy was about to end.

Fortunately I had enough battery power to verify the amount of pages I did have (104 pages I believe) So yay I get to print out my shiney new winners certificate, dance around in celebration then get my butt back in gear to finish those scripts.

So I have to ask you all something.

Have you heard of MuseItUp Publishing?

A fantastic group of people, including the incredibly wonderful Lea Schizas, has recently opened their own publishing company in Canada. I have heard so many fantastic things about this fresh publishing company that I am now motivated, inspired and DETERMINED to write something for them.

If you ever thought about publishing, or are looking for a publishing company that will treat you well I suggest you take a look at their site. If it's run by Lea then it's bound to be fantastic!

Okay until next time everyone! Thanks for reading