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It's been a few months and I can't believe it's March already.

I've been working on editing my novel I wrote during NaNoWriMo last November. It hasn't been overly easy. I have never been any good at editing anything, so this is definitely a huge learning experience for me.

Script Frenzy is about to begin on April 1st. This has to be one of my favourite events I do during each year. Script Frenzy is from the creators of National Novel Month. The same concept of writing so much during one month is still applied. This time during Script Frenzy, however, a person writes 100 page script in one month.

Scripts have been my main priority when it comes to writing lately. I have always loved the film business and became even more interested in screenwriting ever since I first began reading scripts.

Back to my novel, I hope I will be able to finish some basic editing to it by the end of the month or late April if I find the time. My excitement for Script Frenzy is just getting into the way hehe.

Anyways I better get back to writing/editing.