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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to post a small paragraph about the holidays. I know last week I promised some writing/editing tips that I find useful, but as of now I have been so busy working and getting ready for Christmas that I haven't had time to put a good list together. With that said, I am going to take this week off from blogging and come back next week with an awesome top five list of writing/editing tips I have found useful from other writers.

Until then, I Hope You Have Wonderful Holidays and please during this time of year if you are going to drink DO NOT DRIVE!

Olympic Fever

For those of you who don't know, the 2010 Olympics are coming to Vancouver Canada. Being a proud Canadian as it is, has made the anticipation of the event even more enjoyable. At this moment one of the longest torch relays in history is going on right now across Canada. Today it stopped in a nearby city from where I live and I just had to go and be there.

When the cauldron in that photo lit up, tears formed in my eyes. I was never more proud to be Canadian than at that moment. It was a moment I hope I will never forget and I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to see it.

Now you are probably wondering what does this have to do with writing as this blog is about writing. The Olympics represent unity amongst everyone in the world. It represents working together, having fun, motivating each other and holding each others hand through all the tough times and hard work. It signifies pride of ones country and I personally find it's much like the writing world.

I have been a part of the writing world for only a few years now yet I have found that, much like the Olympics, the world of writers are united. We try to work together by making our prose better. We hold each other's hands up all the little steps to someday be published and yes writing is hard work, but I find the world of writers are there ready to cheer you on across that finish line.

If I have learned anything today, I have learned that this world, this country, this town that I live in, has so much greatness to it. I have learned to be grateful to be a part of it all and am grateful to be a writer with the many other writers who have encouraged me to be better.

Okay onto something else. I have begun to edit last year's NaNo novel called "Run!". I have about five chapters slightly edited so far. This has been going pretty good so far for being my first time editing. Next week I will post tips I have found along my way for editing a manuscript.

Besides that, I still have to finish both of this year's Nano novels and yet to begin working on Kayla's script (I need a title for that script soon lol)

So I have some questions for you all:

-What has been the best and the worst part about editing your manuscript?
-What or Who encourages you to be a better writer?
-And just for random fun, what is your favourite colour?

OMG.. Too Cute

The Christmas spirit is in full bloom in my house hold, especially after yesterday. I volunteer at the local Playhouse theatre which is putting on a fantastic Christmas play called The Christmas Express. By the end of the play, most of the attendees walk out of the theatre singing Christmas songs and searching for candy canes to munch on. It is such a great atmosphere helping out there.

Afterwards, my mother and I went to Walmart and found the purr-fect gift for our cat, Smokey. We got him a castle box that you can colour. We brought it home and he instantly rubbed himself all over it, purring delightfully as he went in and out of the small entrance. Today, I sewed him a little pillow for the inside as the floor is quite hard. I swear that cat is obsessed with blankets and pillows. He sat on that little pillow for hours, refusing to leave it behind.

So that was my non writing news for the week. Onto some writing chit chat. I have begun to write and think out an outline for Kayla's script. So far the whole script is going to be a split piece, where one scene will be a hilarious play by play from two angel like people watching a "movie". The other scenes are heavily dramatic ones down on Earth with a triangle of love sort of Drama. It is definitely going to be a lot of fun to write and I am hoping to begin the writing process asap.

Other writing news: I am trying to finish both of my Nanowrimo novels by doing NaNoFiMo (National Novel Finishing Month www.nanofimo.org) So far I have not accomplished much writing as the busy life of mine is getting in the way. I VOW TO FINISH BOTH OF THE NOVELS though. That is my promise to you!

I mentioned pictures of my tattoo I promised myself in the last post. Now I haven't went to get it done yet, but I wanted to show you the design I had in mind. The French translation says: "Writing Joy of my Life". I love the design and I cannot wait to get it done, hopefully on my forearm.

When January begins I will be doing another event called Writing Year (WriYe http://wriye.co.nr/) where I will be trying to reach a rather large writing goal during the year of 2010. I am quite excited about this and I am definitely and hoping to get a lot done. Maybe 2010 will be my year of accomplishment.

Okay this post is getting long as it is, so I have some questions to ask you all.

-What do you think of my design for my next tattoo?
-Are there any writing events during the year that you really love to do?
-Christmas is coming in 18 days! Are you ready? Are you excited? SANTA IS COMING SOON!