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Blog-erific Writing

When it comes to reading anything at all I have a very hard time keeping focus. If the first few sentences don't grab my attention 90% of the time I won't finish reading it. As mentioned before I have challenged myself to read 50 books in a year (turning to be a tough one for me). On top of that I have followed many blogs and wanted to mention a few that have kept me entertained, and made me want to read the entire post from start to finish. These are the Blog-erific Blogs!

1) Desperately Searching for my Inner currently Marybeth is fasting off of facebook and twitter for Lent and blogging about it. Her posts are humourous and have a homey feel to them. Everytime I read a post of her's I feel as if I known her for years. She is quite the entertainer!

2)Rachelle Gardner If you are a writer then I recommend reading this Literary Agent's blog. There is so much information about the writing world that she reveals it's hard to catch up. Whether you are a newbie or an old pro, all of the information is clear and useful.

3) Sharing with Writers and Readers Carolyn Howard-Johnson has a pretty neat blog you should all check out. I attended an online conference where she talked about frugal marketing strategies which made me extremely excited to market my own novel someday soon. Each post is something different, full of information and tips for us all.

Question for you: What's your favourite blog to read?

Until next time, have a great week everyone!


I apologize for a late blog post everyone!

I have to admit something to you all. I have Olympic Fever! I have been watching the olympics all afternoon and well into the night each day. I really think I am enjoying them more than ever because they're in my home country of Canada.

With that said, I have completely forgot to do anything and everything that I usually do.... like writing..... My motivation is totally gone. I tried and I mean I sat in front of my computer thinking very hard about what to write. After about an hour I had to take an advil from the severe headache I received from thinking so hard.

Okay I am going to admit something else. During that hour I was thinking about what was going on with the olympics, who was winning and who was going to perform for the victory ceremonies that night. Shame on me!

In short I really have no writing news for you all. I am close to putting up Wanted signs to get my motivation back.


How should I get my motivation back? Have any quirky ways of motivating yourself? Please share

Okay until next time yall!

Traditional Publishing vs Self Publishing

On a personal level I have argued with myself on whether I wanted to self publish (as I like the possibility to do everything myself) or go the traditional publishing route (which would give me more credibility in the long run). These days, self publishing is becoming more popular but are still seen as uncredible.

I have found an article done by a lady I met at The Muse Online Writers Conference named Stephanie Chandler for my Article of the Month. (I'm doing the article of the month a bit early, hoping for a book I'm awaiting to arrive in the mail for me to review for you by the end of the month) Here's her bio for you could get to know her and the link to the article will be at the very bottom.

Stephanie Chandler is an author of several business and marketing books including From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur: Make Money with Books, eBooks and Information Products (John Wiley & Sons) and The Author’s Guide to Building an Online Platform: Leveraging the Internet to Sell More Books (Quill Driver).

Stephanie is also founder and CEO of Authority Publishing, which provides custom book publishing, content marketing and internet marketing solutions. A frequent speaker at business events and on the radio, she has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, BusinessWeek, Inc.com and many other media outlets. For author and speaker details visit StephanieChandler.com.

Click here for Traditional versus Self Publishing

Until next time, enjoy the article!

Happy GroundHog's Day!

Howdy everyone!

It's groundhog day and so far I heard that up here in Canada we're supposed to get another 6 weeks of winter, or however long we're supposed to have. Doesn't surprise me as our winters up here always seem to be too long in my view lol.

I cannot believe that it is February already! I have a feeling that this is going to be yet another incredibly fast year. Maybe I'll be able to hold onto something along the way to slow it down.

In about 12 days will be Valentine's Day! I already found my Valentine who is a two year old I babysit quite a bit. We're probably going to spend our day listening to Michael Buble and making crafts lol. The whole on coming of Valentine's Day has got me thinking about writing. Then again when do I not think about writing?

My niche is thriller/drama types of writing and since this is the year I have been challenging myself I thought about writing a very short romance story for you all just to see if I can do it. So, just in time for Valentine's Day, I shall post that short story next week hoping to hear from you about what you thought.... this is going to be quite the challenge in deed for me lol!

Speaking of Valentine's Day, have any of you seen the trailer for the movie called Valentine's Day? It has a major all star cast which worries me a bit as not too many all star movies do so well in Hollywood. The cast includes; Jessica Alba, Kathy Bates (amazing actress), Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper, Eric Dane (known as McSteamy on Grey's Anatomy), Patrick Dempsey (the ever so hot McDreamy), Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Topher Grace, Anne Hathaway, Ashton Kutcher (Mr. Demi Moore), Queen Latifah, Taylor Lautner (howls), Taylor Swift, George Lopez, Julia Roberts etc.

I am hoping to go see the movie and will let you all know what it's like. I'm crossing my fingers that it will be good.

Okay so really quick, I wanted to update you on some of my challenges. I am proud to say I am almost right on target with my reading for my 50 books in a year challenge. I managed to read a 300 page biography in 3 hours. I was utterly surprised with myself. WriYe is well I am trying to get back on track with that one. I only wrote about 2000 words in January so February is definitely a catch up month...

Anyways, I hope you all have a great week and for some strange reason I still want to find ONE more challenge for me to do this year....any suggestions or am I just nuts?