Mindy's Movie Reviews

A blog that went from discussing about the writing life to reviews of movies

A Little About Moi

My name is Mindy and I am aspiring to be a writer. Well technically I am a writer but I'm trying my hardest to become professional at it. I have written many different things in my life but mainly what I love to write are Screenplay, Theatre Stage Plays and Novels. I am currently doing a Creative Writing Course through Winghill Writing School (www.winghill.com) through correspondence, which I love so much. For my main project I am working on a stage play which I am starting to enjoy writing each time I sit down to write. On top of that I have a side project also known as my novel. I fell in love with the story idea I came up with, and have yet to finish the darn thing.

I started this blog to keep basically a journal of my progress with my writing career. I've always been told to write anything and everything that comes to mind and having so many memories that are written inspires me to do better. In a few years I hope to read these old blog messages and become a better person than I am now in my craft of writing.