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Why Should I Have a Website?

So sorry about this post being late. July has been crazy and I'm finding August is going to be just as nuts.

I decided to talk about web sites for the next few weeks as I'm personally finishing some courses for web design.

The first thing I would like to talk about is why should a writer or anyone in particular have a web site at all?

The main answer to that question is marketing! Marketing helps you and/or your product become known world wide. These days web sites help get your information about yourself and your product to people you won't normally be able to reach through other modes of marketing.

These days, more than ever, the internet has become the number one social gathering. People rely on the internet to find information about anything and everything. If you have a web prescence others will be able to find information about you and you never know, maybe they might buy your product (like that novel of yours sitting on the shelf just waiting to be published any moment now).

Also these days it's becoming easier to get a hold of anyone through the internet than by phone anymore. Wouldn't it be lovely to be able to communicate more with your customers/fans and easily too? It's cheaper too. The cost of postage seems to go up every day and email is free. That's something we don't get too often...something that is free.

Okay okay I know I can hear some of you asking, but Mindy that's nice and all but I have no clue how to make a web site for myself or for my business. Well don't fret. Next week I'll have a post about the basics of web design for you and even some information about easy do it yourself sites that are free (as long as you don't mind ads on your site however).

Until next time have a great week everyone!

P.S Why do you think you should or should not have a website? I would love to hear from you all

What the hell!?!?!?

Just when I think I actually might be able to make it in the writing world, I read an article/blog post like this one and I completely lose hope all over again.

I love to write screenplays. They are always going to be my first of things to write. To shorten that blog post up, screenwriters are having a very hard time finding work unless they are A-list writers. The competition now just for a one step deal is crazy! (one step deals for those who don't know are when a production company buys a script but does not hire the writer to work on 2nd, 3rd etc. drafts). There are becoming more times where 11 to 13 writers have to fight for that one job anymore.

Why is this all happening? Oh thank the damn recession.

Everytime I start to go towards a goal of mine, someone or something slams the door in my face. It's annoying but I'm seriously thinking of becoming a lumberjack in order to axe down those doors. I just can't imagine when the teenagers today have to go out on their own. My age (the 20-30 year olds) are having it incredibly tough now.

Writing means everything to me and I would hate to see especially the screenwriting community suffer to the point where it ends.