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Half Way Through NaNoWriMo!

So it has been about 12 days since I last posted, thanks to my days being so busy that I completely forgot what my blog looked like lol.

We are now at the half way point for National Novel Writing Month!

So how is everyone doing with their novels? Any setbacks? Any "OMG Why the hell did I ever start this?" How about, "My Main Character is worst than a 2 year old child. They never do as I say"

If so, then I am in the same boat as you. I have argued with my main character in public (by the stares I received I believe I have been classified as Crazy), I have cried when something bad has happened to one of my MC's and on top of that I forgot what quality time was like with my family.

And it's only been 15 days!!

Besides all of that, I am loving both of my novels that I am writing this month. My characters are my new family and for once, I am actually excited about editing both of my novels after this shingdig.

See I am Crazy lol!

I have a bit advice for all you NaNoWriMers out there. When you feel as if you are stuck and don't know if you should continue, just remember this. You are probably less crazy than I am, and if not then just know that you CAN do it. You just have to try.


Christina November 15, 2009 at 1:00 PM  

I love that moment when you are so deep into the story that when something bad happens to a MC you cry. It's such wild abandonment.

I had a hard time getting into the book because of the time period I set it in. I need to do more research, but rewriting it, I'm starting to feel a little more for the characters. It helped to cut down the chapters in the rewrite and focus more on story and not word count.

Good luck on getting both the novels finished. That is really something of an accomplishment to keep both stories running in one month on the NaNo schedule.

Mindy November 15, 2009 at 6:58 PM  

Oh tell me about it... I am starting to notice similarities between the two which is hilarious as they're both very opposite... one is in first person and is a fictional biography... the other is in 3rd person and is about post traumatic stress syndrome....i'm surprised at how well I am doing so far lol

All in All I just love it!