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Today is official second day of February which means it is the official second day of FAWM.

What is FAWM? I hear you ask?

February Album Writing Month is what the abbreviation stands for. It's a month (okay the shortest month of the year) long challenge where participants write an album worth of songs in 28 days. FAWM considers 14 songs an album worth, so if you do the math about a song every two days.

Sounds easy enough right? Haha nope. If you listen to some of the people who have already completed many songs and have recorded them for us all to hear, I am blown away by the amount of talent out there. However I will not let other people's great talents compared to my somewhat lacking talent get in the way of this challenge I am facing.

If you would like to check out FAWM click here

Have you ever wrote a song? If not I challenge you to try it, just once and let me know what you come up with.