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The Long Process Begins

As mentioned before I am in a writing school called Winghill Writing School. My tutor and I decided to do a big writing project together which was going to be my first ever stage play (as I just can't get enough of theatre I thought meh why not try writing for it). Yesterday I handed in my first scene and let me tell you, stage plays are hard to write. I've been writing screenplays for a long while and find I can write them with ease and I really thought a stage play would be similar but it's NOT! I have to constantly remind myself "Okay Mindy, this has to be done on a stage and I cannot have anything that needs some sort of graphics designer to create a character/scene on his/her computer". I reread my first scene over and over and over and over and well you get the picture. I just did not know if it was stage worthy and after basically memorizing the whole scene I decided to send it to my tutor for her to read. FYI I am a perfectionist when it comes to me sending things in to people especially writing and definitely music (i'm a musician/lyricist as well). I just can't help it.

So now I must wait to see what my tutor says about my first scene. I've never been good at waiting for things to be returned to me. I think it's just my excitement of wondering what's going to be said that over rides me. Until I get my scene back I really don't want to start the next scene as I always have found my tutor's advice to be quite useful in which I could use in the next scene.

I feel as if I need rehab though. I just can't help but write and it's becoming such an addiction that I just cannot control. As I wait I am going to work on my novel I started during NaNoWriMo "http://www.nanowrimo.org"> I'm utterly in love with the novel and I really believe it's the best story I have ever came up with.

But enough with that I must leave you all to go write some more.

My Friend's Poem

I got bored and I decided to take a poem from a friend of mine (with her permission of course) and make a video using the poem along with a song I thought fit perfectly. So go check it out, I would appreciate it and be inspired to write your own poem to that song as that song is truly a wonderful piece of music.